In just few years from its establishment in 2019, Laureadov has spread its services to various sectors of both international and domestic businesses. Our management team was built with a firm focus on veterancy, with each of its members backed with more than 20 years of real-world experience. Their backgrounds allowed us to traverse the tumultuous landscape that the COVID era brought and will continue to allow us to grow in its aftermath. Our nature is to involve ourselves in the production, sourcing, trading, marketing, and import/export processes of various products. With the know-how and adaptability that is achieved through this broad focus, we are prepared to handle a business of any kind.


Eco Paper Pulp – Eco Friendly Food & Beverage Packaging Materials

Laureadov Furniture – Customized Premium
Wooden Furniture

Laureadov reaches into seven vital business operations including wholesale, e-commerce, domestic trade, distribution, modern trade, importing, and exporting. While we work within both B2B and B2C sectors, we vary our services and processes to achieve the best possible results.

Our B2B operations work within both international and domestic trade. This includes importation, exportation, and distribution services and solutions for companies both local and foreign. Our B2C operations primarily handle e-commerce and our commitment to quality, fairness, and professionalism has earned us a strong reputation as an online contender on a global scale.

Laureadov’s market territory covers a large portion of the eastern hemisphere. This includes the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Far East, and other notable regions.

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We have leveraged connections and solid business practices to develop an extensive network of partnerships. These partnerships have allowed Laureadov to operate not only on a domestic level but expand our trade towards regions like the Middle East, Far East, and Southeast Asia. We do business only with the best, building trust with our customer base through high-caliber services and excellent products. This is all to build a trustworthy presence in the market and show our strong commitment to increasing value for our stakeholders.